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* Remove packages using depend.php eclass (removed)Michał Górny2017-04-051-47/+0
* sunrise/ net-nntp/nzbperl/Manifest: Update copyright line to satisfy repomanThomas Sachau2012-04-011-1/+1
* sunrise/ app-portage/elog-list/elog-list-0.0.6.ebuild: Update headers for 2010Thomas Sachau2010-02-091-1/+1
* www-apps/phpMyProxy: Update ebuild to use EAPI 2. Thanks to Cristian Ruppert ...Nick Fortino (nfortino)2009-03-161-8/+5
* www-apps/phpMyProxy: Add missing SLOTGökdeniz Karadağ (hayalci)2008-12-021-0/+1
* www-apps/phpMyProxy: New ebuild for phpMyAdmin. Thanks to dleverton, zlin, pv...Gökdeniz Karadağ (hayalci)2008-11-301-0/+49