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app-crypt/gkeys: Add postinst einfos incorrectly applied to another pkg
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diff --git a/app-crypt/gkeys/gkeys-0.2.ebuild b/app-crypt/gkeys/gkeys-0.2.ebuild
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--- a/app-crypt/gkeys/gkeys-0.2.ebuild
+++ b/app-crypt/gkeys/gkeys-0.2.ebuild
@@ -42,6 +42,13 @@ pkg_postinst() {
einfo "The API's it installs should be considered unstable"
einfo "and are subject to change."
+ einfo "This version includes a new gkeys-gpg command"
+ einfo "It can be used as an alternate gpg command for git"
+ einfo "It will set the correct keyring to verify signed commits"
+ einfo "provided the key it needs to verify against is part of the gkeys"
+ einfo "keyring system. It only works for verification, any other call "
+ einfo "to it will re-direct directly to the normal gpg command."
+ einfo
einfo "Please file any enhancement requests, or bugs"
einfo "at"
einfo "We are also on IRC @ #gentoo-keys of the Freenode network"