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parentwww-servers/apache: add mod_auth_form support (diff)
www-servers/apache: add mod_authn_socache support
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@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ authn_dbd - User authentication using an SQL database
authn_dbm - User authentication using DBM files
authn_default - Authentication fallback module
authn_file - User authentication using text files
+authn_socache - Maintains a cache of authentication credentials, so that a new backend lookup is not required for every authenticated request
authz_core - Provides core authorization capabilities to various authorization/authorization modules, such as authn_file and authz_user
authz_dbd - Provides authorization capabilities via SQL database so that authenticated users can be allowed or denied access to portions of the web site by group membership
authz_dbm - Group authorization using DBM files