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+ Fe is a small and easy to use folding editor.
+ Fe allows to fold arbitrary text regions; it is not bound to syntactic
+ units. Unlike Origami, folds are not attributed with a trailing comment,
+ instead you can put folds before or after any text in the line, as you like.
+ Fe has no configuration or extension language and requires no setup. Its
+ user interface is emacs-like and it has menues for the very most important
+ functions to help beginners. Further there is a reference card. It offers:
+ * Regions and Emacs-like kill ring
+ * Incremental search
+ * Keyboard macros
+ * Editing binary files
+ * Multiple windows and views
+ * Compose function for Latin 1 characters
+ In case you can't stand the emacs interface and want ultimate flexibility,
+ fe can easily be modified, because it is structured as an editor library
+ with a user interface frontend, all written in C.
+ <flag name='sendmail'>Send mail after editor abend</flag>