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+1.This Software copyright © Australian Synchrotron Research Program
+Inc, ("ASRP").
+2.Subject to ensuring that this copyright notice and licence terms
+appear on all copies and all modified versions, of PyCIFRW computer
+code ("this Software"), a royalty-free non-exclusive licence is hereby
+given (i) to use, copy and modify this Software including the use of
+reasonable portions of it in other software and (ii) to publish,
+bundle and otherwise re-distribute this Software or modified versions
+of this Software to third parties, provided that this copyright notice
+and terms are clearly shown as applying to all parts of software
+derived from this Software on each occasion it is published, bundled
+or re-distributed. You are encouraged to communicate useful
+modifications to ASRP for inclusion for future versions.
+3.No part of this Software may be sold as a standalone package.
+4.If any part of this Software is bundled with Software that is sold,
+a free copy of the relevant version of this Software must be made
+available through the same distribution channel (be that web server,
+tape, CD or otherwise).
+5.It is a term of exercise of any of the above royalty free licence
+rights that ASRP gives no warranty, undertaking or representation
+whatsoever whether express or implied by statute, common law, custom
+or otherwise, in respect of this Software or any part of it. Without
+limiting the generality of the preceding sentence, ASRP will not be
+liable for any injury, loss or damage (including consequential loss or
+damage) or other loss, loss of profits, costs, charges or expenses
+however caused which may be suffered, incurred or arise directly or
+indirectly in respect of this Software.
+6. This software is not licensed for use in medical applications.