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+[1] I give you permission to make modifications to my Build source and
+ distribute it, BUT:
+[2] Any derivative works based on my Build source may be distributed ONLY
+ through the INTERNET.
+[3] Distribution of any derivative works MUST be done completely FREE of
+ charge - no commercial exploitation whatsoever.
+[4] Anything you distribute which uses a part of my Build Engine source
+ code MUST include:
+ [A] The following message somewhere in the archive:
+ // "Build Engine & Tools" Copyright (c) 1993-1997 Ken Silverman
+ // Ken Silverman's official web site: ""
+ // See the included license file "BUILDLIC.TXT" for license info.
+ [B] This text file "BUILDLIC.TXT" along with it.
+ [C] Any source files that you modify must include this message as well:
+ // This file has been modified from Ken Silverman's original release
+[5] The use of the Build Engine for commercial purposes will require an
+ appropriate license arrangement with me. Contact information is
+ on my web site.
+[6] I take no responsibility for damage to your system.
+[7] Technical support: Before contacting me with questions, please read
+ and do ALL of the following!
+ [A] Look through ALL of my text files. There are 7 of them (including this
+ one). I like to think that I wrote them for a reason. You will find
+ many of your answers in the history section of BUILD.TXT and
+ BUILD2.TXT (they're located inside SRC.ZIP).
+ [B] If that doesn't satisfy you, then try going to:
+ ""
+ where I will maintain a Build Source Code FAQ (or perhaps I might
+ just provide a link to a good FAQ).
+ [C] I am willing to respond to questions, but ONLY if they come at a rate
+ that I can handle.
+ As my line of defense, I will post my current policy about
+ answering Build source questions (right below the E-mail address
+ on my web site.) You can check there to see if I'm getting
+ overloaded with questions or not.
+ If I'm too busy, it might say something like this:
+ I'm too busy to answer Build source questions right now.
+ Sorry, but don't expect a reply from me any time soon.
+ If I'm open for Build source questions, please state your question
+ clearly and don't include any unsolicited attachments unless
+ they're really small (like less than 50k). Assume that I have
+ a 28.8k modem. Also, don't leave out important details just
+ to make your question appear shorter - making me guess what
+ you're asking doesn't save me time!
+-Ken S. (official web site: