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+The graphics database and chart display routines
+used in this program are Copyright (C) 1991-1998 by Walter D. Pullen
+Permission is granted to freely use and distribute these routines
+provided one doesn't sell, restrict, or profit from them in any way.
+Modification is allowed provided these notices remain with any
+altered or edited versions of the program.
+The main planetary calculation routines used in this program have
+been Copyrighted and the core of this program is basically a
+conversion to C of the routines created by James Neely as listed in
+Michael Erlewine's 'Manual of Computer Programming for Astrologers',
+available from Matrix Software. The copyright gives us permission to
+use the routines for personal use but not to sell them or profit from
+them in any way.
+The PostScript code within the core graphics routines are programmed
+and Copyright (C) 1992-1993 by Brian D. Willoughby. Conditions are
+identical to those above.
+The extended accurate ephemeris databases and formulas are from the
+calculation routines in the program "Placalc" and are programmed and
+Copyright (C) 1989,1991,1993 by Astrodienst AG and Alois Treindl
+The use of that source code is subject to regulations made by
+Astrodienst Zurich, and the code is not in the public domain. This
+copyright notice must not be changed or removed by any user of this