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+This document must be used as reference. Please consult
+Terms of redistribution of IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency,
+Japan) fonts
+"GRASS Japan web site" ( administrator
+ Orkney Inc., Japan
+Redistribution of IPA fonts (hereinafter referred to as the "fonts"),
+which is delivered or distributed by "GRASS Japan web site"
+( administrator and Orkney Inc.,
+provided as a part of GRASS GIS / MapServer / PostGIS (hereinafter
+referred to as the "software"), achievements of "Open Source GIS Platform
+Development" (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan, Open
+Software Utilization Infrastructure Improvement Program, 2003) is
+permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
+1) Redistribution of Fonts is allowed only when users bundle the fonts
+to redistributed software and attach this document.
+2) When redistributing, users must express that the fonts being
+redistributed is IPA fonts clearly.
+3) 1) and 2) also apply to modified IPA fonts or derivatives.
+4) "GRASS Japan web site" administrator, Orkney Inc., and
+Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan are not liable for
+any problem caused by the fonts.