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+Aug 21 15:04:44 <quantumsummers> 1> Roll Call
+Aug 21 15:04:49 * quantumsummers is present
+Aug 21 15:04:51 <dabbott> here
+Aug 21 15:05:00 <rich0> here
+Aug 21 15:05:20 <quantumsummers> robbat2: you are here
+Aug 21 15:05:42 <quantumsummers> 2> who is logging and going to publish?
+Aug 21 15:05:45 <robbat2> here
+Aug 21 15:05:50 <quantumsummers> :)
+Aug 21 15:06:00 <quantumsummers> 2> who is logging and going to publish?
+Aug 21 15:06:06 <dabbott> i can
+Aug 21 15:06:09 <quantumsummers> thanks
+Aug 21 15:06:20 <quantumsummers> 3> Treasurer's report
+Aug 21 15:06:53 <quantumsummers> I have submitted this report with a minor mis-calculation for review
+Aug 21 15:07:24 <quantumsummers> Further, I will make all data available in a few formats for archival and informational purposes
+Aug 21 15:07:39 <quantumsummers> what I have is the following: all paypal data for all time in csv and ods
+Aug 21 15:07:57 <quantumsummers> all capital one statements in pdf and ods
+Aug 21 15:08:05 <quantumsummers> all ing statements in pdf and ods
+Aug 21 15:08:12 <quantumsummers> that covers all our accounts
+Aug 21 15:08:21 <robbat2> +1
+Aug 21 15:08:50 <dabbott> can you post a report with links like
+Aug 21 15:09:16 <dabbott> we can add it to
+Aug 21 15:09:32 <quantumsummers> dabbott I can do that. I wondered about the format
+Aug 21 15:09:53 <quantumsummers> what was done previously is more of a narrative
+Aug 21 15:10:03 <quantumsummers> I can write the report in narrative form I suppose
+Aug 21 15:10:11 <quantumsummers> as well as keeping the data tabular
+Aug 21 15:10:31 <rich0> Honestly, I'd probably just write an intro or whatever. The data speaks for itself. No sense burdening ourselves with too much boilerplate.
+Aug 21 15:10:33 <dabbott> just so we can find the info, main think is links to the pdf etc in one place
+Aug 21 15:10:57 <quantumsummers> rich0: makes sense, something of an executive summary
+Aug 21 15:11:14 <quantumsummers> dabbott I will guildexml-ify the info in the pdf
+Aug 21 15:11:31 <quantumsummers> that was just for ease of access for you guys to review
+Aug 21 15:11:40 <quantumsummers> that I emailed in that format
+Aug 21 15:12:37 <quantumsummers> there is a known error somewhere in there. I have not had much luck in tracking it down. Its small by comparison, so I am not terribly troubled by it
+Aug 21 15:14:21 <robbat2> FYI all, i'm intending on producing a copy of the data into the Ledger format to reconcile it and give it my own set of eyes
+Aug 21 15:14:32 <quantumsummers> robbat2: thanks
+Aug 21 15:14:36 <robbat2> from the original statements + paypal data
+Aug 21 15:14:49 <dabbott> we will need a motion to accept the report but need to link to it so we can do that next month
+Aug 21 15:14:54 <quantumsummers> I have a python script that may help the paypal conversion to ofx
+Aug 21 15:15:46 <quantumsummers> I propose a motion to provisionally accept the report as it stands with the addition of a summary and correction of the minor error as work in progress
+Aug 21 15:15:56 <robbat2> seconded
+Aug 21 15:15:59 <quantumsummers> and xml-ification
+Aug 21 15:16:08 <quantumsummers> Please vote, gentlemen
+Aug 21 15:16:13 <robbat2> aye
+Aug 21 15:16:17 <quantumsummers> aye
+Aug 21 15:16:27 <rich0> aye
+Aug 21 15:16:28 <dabbott> ok
+Aug 21 15:16:39 <quantumsummers> Motion has passed. Let it be so.
+Aug 21 15:17:00 <quantumsummers> 3> Special Motion to move the AGM from April to August
+Aug 21 15:17:37 <quantumsummers> keeping the same 3rd Sunday of the month
+Aug 21 15:17:40 <robbat2> to clarify, this means the next AGM will be august 2012, or is it this present august
+Aug 21 15:17:53 <quantumsummers> Next
+Aug 21 15:17:58 <quantumsummers> we already had our AGM this year
+Aug 21 15:18:23 <quantumsummers> this meeting is an extraordinary general meeting, in addition to the previous AGM
+Aug 21 15:18:36 <dabbott> the by-lays state not more than 13 months Why not have the AGM today and then again next Aug to satisfy Section 3.2. in the by-laws.
+Aug 21 15:18:58 <quantumsummers> Yes, that is what we are doing with the EGM
+Aug 21 15:19:01 <rich0> Is there any issue of meeting notice? Do we have to announce it?
+Aug 21 15:19:25 <dabbott> quantumsummers, great :)
+Aug 21 15:19:35 <quantumsummers> rich0: we already did, I belive
+Aug 21 15:19:42 <quantumsummers> we announce every meeting
+Aug 21 15:19:45 <robbat2> right, i see it now. since the EGM is today, and it's only 12 months to next August, that covers the bylaws
+Aug 21 15:19:48 <rich0> Yeah, I was trying to remember if I had seen something. It is in IRC for sure.
+Aug 21 15:20:19 <robbat2> I second the motion
+Aug 21 15:20:19 <quantumsummers> rich0: it would be fine to also post to ML (foundation-announce)
+Aug 21 15:20:26 <quantumsummers> robbat2: thanks
+Aug 21 15:20:33 <quantumsummers> Please vote now:
+Aug 21 15:20:40 <robbat2> aye
+Aug 21 15:20:41 <rich0> aye
+Aug 21 15:20:42 <quantumsummers> aye
+Aug 21 15:20:47 <dabbott> yes
+Aug 21 15:20:56 <quantumsummers> Motion passed, Let it be so.
+Aug 21 15:21:11 <quantumsummers> Therefore, the next AGM will be held in August 2012
+Aug 21 15:21:33 <quantumsummers> the exact date to be decided and announced
+Aug 21 15:21:38 <quantumsummers> at a later date
+Aug 21 15:21:58 <quantumsummers> 4.1> Date of Next Meeting - 18th Sep 2011 19:00 UTC
+Aug 21 15:22:02 <quantumsummers> wfm
+Aug 21 15:22:19 <quantumsummers> fellows, will that date and time work for everyone?
+Aug 21 15:22:31 <dabbott> fine here
+Aug 21 15:22:31 <rich0> fine by me
+Aug 21 15:22:37 <robbat2> fine by me
+Aug 21 15:22:37 <quantumsummers> robbat2?
+Aug 21 15:22:40 <quantumsummers> ok.
+Aug 21 15:22:55 <quantumsummers> the date of our next meeting is set: 18th Sep 2011 19:00 UTC
+Aug 21 15:23:19 <quantumsummers> Lets take care of 4.3 ahead of 4.2
+Aug 21 15:23:48 <quantumsummers> Responsibilities: are they covered? Logs and Motions?-> dabbott?
+Aug 21 15:23:57 <quantumsummers> I will post the report
+Aug 21 15:23:58 <dabbott> yep I got it
+Aug 21 15:24:01 <quantumsummers> no emails to send
+Aug 21 15:24:16 <quantumsummers> Excellent, thanks dabbott
+Aug 21 15:24:16 <robbat2> 2 motions so far to for the motions page
+Aug 21 15:24:22 <quantumsummers> yes
+Aug 21 15:24:42 <dabbott> robbat2, noted :)
+Aug 21 15:24:42 <quantumsummers> 4.4 Any Other Business:
+Aug 21 15:24:46 <robbat2> (fyi, i just noticed we have 'any other business' twice on the agenda)
+Aug 21 15:24:54 <quantumsummers> as did I :)
+Aug 21 15:24:57 <robbat2> yes, we have AoB
+Aug 21 15:24:57 <quantumsummers> I have one item
+Aug 21 15:25:00 <rich0> Just one item for me
+Aug 21 15:25:12 <quantumsummers> lets hear it
+Aug 21 15:25:24 <quantumsummers> robbat2: you first (fifo)
+Aug 21 15:25:36 <robbat2> i suspect we're all on the same item actually
+Aug 21 15:25:40 <robbat2> the new turkey vendor email
+Aug 21 15:26:37 <robbat2> The vendor in question, Destek, is a non-profit turkish CD/DVD vendor
+Aug 21 15:26:43 <robbat2>
+Aug 21 15:27:14 <quantumsummers> I do not see any issues.
+Aug 21 15:27:29 <rich0> If I'm reading that site the CDs are sold for about $3, which certainly seems to be close to cost (plus handling/etc).
+Aug 21 15:27:39 <robbat2> their pricing is very cheap, 6 Turkish Lira is ~3.30USD, yes
+Aug 21 15:27:53 <quantumsummers> I cannot read the site at all really
+Aug 21 15:28:07 <robbat2> and they are up to date, 11.2 is on there already
+Aug 21 15:28:23 <rich0> Seems fine to me.
+Aug 21 15:28:33 <quantumsummers> Motion: Approve Destek as official vendor.
+Aug 21 15:28:37 <robbat2> seconded
+Aug 21 15:28:37 <rich0> seconded
+Aug 21 15:28:41 <rich0> aye
+Aug 21 15:28:43 <quantumsummers> Please vote
+Aug 21 15:28:43 <robbat2> aye
+Aug 21 15:28:47 <quantumsummers> aye
+Aug 21 15:28:47 <dabbott> yes
+Aug 21 15:29:01 <quantumsummers> Motion passed.
+Aug 21 15:29:15 <quantumsummers> rich0: what is your item, same one?
+Aug 21 15:29:23 <robbat2> i'll add the vendor to the relevant page
+Aug 21 15:29:23 <rich0> Nope
+Aug 21 15:29:29 <rich0> Just a quickie
+Aug 21 15:29:29 <quantumsummers> robbat2: thanks
+Aug 21 15:29:31 <dabbott> robbat2, ok
+Aug 21 15:29:34 <rich0> Just a quick note to all to take a look at:
+Aug 21 15:29:35 <rich0> Feel free to contribute or to create new activity pages for anything you have close knowledge of. Consider everything there draft for now so apologies if I get roles/responsibilities wrong/etc.
+Aug 21 15:30:24 <rich0> And feel free to send me notes to clean up and add.
+Aug 21 15:30:27 <rich0> That's all.
+Aug 21 15:30:31 <quantumsummers> rich0: the last Annual Report - New Mexico filing was 2010/10
+Aug 21 15:30:55 <rich0> Excellent, thanks.
+Aug 21 15:31:14 <rich0> Oh, did we file in Missouri yet?
+Aug 21 15:31:26 <rich0> If so we have an annual report coming due.
+Aug 21 15:31:33 <quantumsummers> not yet, that is pending legal review of our by laws
+Aug 21 15:31:41 <quantumsummers> yes, I have the report to submit already
+Aug 21 15:31:46 <quantumsummers> its complete
+Aug 21 15:31:47 <rich0> Ok, I'd hold off until September in any case.
+Aug 21 15:32:02 <quantumsummers> ok. anything else rich0?
+Aug 21 15:32:08 <rich0> nope, that's all for me.
+Aug 21 15:32:16 <quantumsummers> oh, change the annual meeting on there
+Aug 21 15:32:18 <quantumsummers> :)
+Aug 21 15:32:24 <quantumsummers> I have one item.
+Aug 21 15:33:27 <quantumsummers> I would like to submit an application for partnership with Calxeda, who is producing some very interesting ARM tech for servers. I have another dev, Dr. Anthony Basile, on board as PI.
+Aug 21 15:34:01 <quantumsummers> info is here
+Aug 21 15:34:28 <quantumsummers> canonical is on board as a distro, I would like Gentoo to be there too
+Aug 21 15:34:40 <robbat2> any costs to us?
+Aug 21 15:34:46 <quantumsummers> main tech is ~120 4-core nodes in a 2U case
+Aug 21 15:34:58 <quantumsummers> robbat2: not that I am aware of. the HW is free
+Aug 21 15:35:05 <robbat2> that sounds similar to a crowd that tried MIPS stuff
+Aug 21 15:35:15 <robbat2> ok, i have no objections then
+Aug 21 15:35:24 <quantumsummers> yes, they ran gentoo in a mips hpc cluster
+Aug 21 15:35:34 <quantumsummers> up in boston/cambridge
+Aug 21 15:35:50 <robbat2> * SiCortex
+Aug 21 15:35:55 <quantumsummers> yes
+Aug 21 15:36:00 <rich0> Do we have support from the ARM arch team, or others as needed?
+Aug 21 15:36:25 <quantumsummers> have not contacted anyone, blueness has the requisite experience
+Aug 21 15:36:30 <rich0> If Anthony is taking the lead from the dev side that is probably sufficient / etc.
+Aug 21 15:36:31 <quantumsummers> and interest
+Aug 21 15:36:41 <rich0> Yup, just wanted to make sure that it had backing.
+Aug 21 15:36:52 <robbat2> the arm folk will be interested in the build abilities of that hardware
+Aug 21 15:36:53 <quantumsummers> he and I will team up on this, at minimum. others are welcome
+Aug 21 15:37:03 <quantumsummers> robbat2: I bet you are right
+Aug 21 15:37:15 <quantumsummers> there are 2 variants of partnership
+Aug 21 15:37:15 <robbat2> as that beats the Kirkwood board I run for them presently
+Aug 21 15:37:18 <rich0> So, what exactly is Gentoo doing (just curious - seems great).
+Aug 21 15:37:26 <quantumsummers> one is you get your own system, the other is remote access
+Aug 21 15:38:11 <quantumsummers> rich0: blueness and I are interested in porting hardened, for one. Also looking into message passing (one of my interests) via rabbitmq.
+Aug 21 15:38:26 <quantumsummers> we are working up the proposal currently
+Aug 21 15:38:48 <quantumsummers> wanted to make sure it was cool with the board before putting in a ton of effort
+Aug 21 15:38:59 <robbat2> +1 from me
+Aug 21 15:39:02 <dabbott> fine by me, have fun
+Aug 21 15:39:17 <rich0> Sounds good to me - Gentoo is perfect if you ask me for these kinds of trailblazing applications.
+Aug 21 15:39:33 <quantumsummers> robbat2: as another potential there is ZT systems, they have a nice 8 node 2-core 1U system but its expensive
+Aug 21 15:39:42 <quantumsummers> rich0: I agree completely
+Aug 21 15:40:06 <quantumsummers> blueness wants to contact them as well
+Aug 21 15:40:43 <quantumsummers> their system is $20K, so we would have to get a massive discount and financial assistance from somewhere for that to be possible
+Aug 21 15:40:59 <quantumsummers> in any case, this is just a start. thanks for the support
+Aug 21 15:41:07 <rich0> So, what is the 5 words or less description of Gentoo for the logo? :)
+Aug 21 15:41:35 <rich0> (no need to settle that now)
+Aug 21 15:41:45 <quantumsummers> not sure
+Aug 21 15:41:52 <rich0> Gentoo - We Supply the Clues
+Aug 21 15:41:56 <quantumsummers> heh
+Aug 21 15:42:01 <robbat2> lol
+Aug 21 15:42:39 <quantumsummers> ok, any other items for AOB?
+Aug 21 15:43:51 <dabbott> none here
+Aug 21 15:44:12 <quantumsummers> goin once
+Aug 21 15:44:15 <quantumsummers> twice
+Aug 21 15:44:20 <quantumsummers> three times a lady
+Aug 21 15:44:28 <quantumsummers> 4.5 Open floor
+Aug 21 15:44:50 <quantumsummers> anyone interested in voicing their ideas and opinions, please speak now
+Aug 21 15:45:13 <quantumsummers> I do hope that Roy is ok. Not like him to miss a meeting.
+Aug 21 15:45:16 * rich0 listens eagerly to the crickets...
+Aug 21 15:45:37 <quantumsummers> well then... going once
+Aug 21 15:45:58 <quantumsummers> going twice for open floor - have your voice heard here!
+Aug 21 15:46:04 <quantumsummers> ...
+Aug 21 15:46:07 <quantumsummers> ...
+Aug 21 15:46:07 <robbat2> none for me
+Aug 21 15:46:21 <quantumsummers> thrice gone
+Aug 21 15:46:37 <quantumsummers> and the floor is closed.