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app-emulation/virtualbox-extpack-oracle: allow old version to be installed with newer vboxHEADmaster
Windows 10 and 11 guests hang on >=7.0.6 additions when 3D acceleration is disabled. The only workaround found besides enabling 3D acceleration is to downgrade additions to 6.1.42 in the guest. This change allows the older extpack (additions) to be installed with newer VirtualBox. With this change, the Extension Manager will show a conflict in the but otherwise causes no issues. Enabling 3D acceleration is not an acceptable workaround to many due to multiple long-standing graphical bugs. See tickets and the forum thread below: Freezes: Artifacts / 3D Accel: Signed-off-by: Andrew Udvare <> Closes: Signed-off-by: Viorel Munteanu <>
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